South Of Normal

2017 Illinois District Quartet Champions

South of Normal - Barbershop Quartet: Just four guys looking for their thing.


Find out more than you EVER wanted to know about the members of SoN


Who are those guys?

What do you get when you combine four guys who represent a dozen or so top 10 Illinois District Quartets, sons and grandsons of barbershoppers, several International appearances in quartets and choruses, a couple of chorus directors, a love of barbershop, 100+ or so combined years of barbershopping, and a bad case of male pattern baldness? Well, we don’t know either but it'll be fun finding out. South of Normal is so new we don’t even know if that’s our real name yet.

Bryan has been singing a very long time and once he joined a barbershop quartet he realized he would absolutely be singing with at least three other guys, but the other guys weren’t so sure. He considers himself an Average Samaritan and especially gifted napper. Bryan hopes to one day love something the way women in commercials love yogurt and has recently been elected by an overwhelming 50% majority to his current office of ‘tenor’.

Our lead, Tim Woodall has brought a ‘presence’ that was formerly lacking in this quartet, primarily because you can’t officially be a ‘quartet’ with only three people. Hailing from Charleston, his life is busy as a professional marble collector and he more kids than you can shake a stick at. Tim’s love for barbershop, and all things shiny, began several generations ago before he was even aware of it. He has seen many movies and rang more chords than anyone we know. He is a former judge but was relieved of his duties for being ‘excessively judgmental’ and is the current the Director of the Coles County Barbersho Chorus. He is the only Veteran among the group and we thank him for his service.

Born at an early age, somewhere in the last part of the middle decade of last century, Bret, our bass, discovered that, although he likes girls, he preferred singing with men. He always considered himself to be the funniest guy in the room. Then he sang with Craig, in his last quartet, and realized he was. His favorite color has yet to be invented and he’s just happy that there’s room on the stage for him, since it is his "safe" place.

Craig, both a tenor and bass, is currently singing baritone. He comes from parts unknown, and is a third generation barbershopper. He has barbershop in his blood for which he is currently on medication. Craig is the Director of Chorus of Dupage and used to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Craig’s wife is a highly sought after Sweet Adeline and they have three kids, one of each.

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